Far East Precision Machinery Corp.

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Quality Assurance

Made in Taiwan

Overall manufacturing process is in Taiwan only. We supply quality product with reasonable price. Various phases and complete production line for couples of diesel injection system.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Far East Precision Machinery Company in recent years has been engaged in improving product quality and, for quality management, been assured by international certification body – in 2008 obtained Quality Management System Certification ISO 9001:2008 approved by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance (LRQA). This indicates that Far East Precision Machinery Company formerly entered the era of “Overall Quality Management” and our customers can enjoy the international standard recognized and quality products.

Inspection at Each Process

First article inspection : Each process of production line inspects specification of the first article. After its approval, mass production starts.
Self-inspection : According to ISO regulation, self-inspection is done in manufacturing
Supervisor inspection : Supervisor of production line periodically inspects at shop floor to ensure products on production line is manufactured according to correct flow.

QA Measure

  • Hardness test after heat treatment

  • Pressure test of plunger & barrel

  • Roundness & straightness test of plunger & barrel

  • Pressure test of delivery valve

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  • Spraying test of nozzle

  • Surface roughness test

  • Coating test

    • Surface roughness
    • Surface hardness
    • Coating thickness test
    • Coating adhesion test

Excellent Technique

Due to automated production line and skillful technique of experienced personnel, straightness and roundness of our plungers & barrels are of marvelous quality. Clearance of couples averages 6 um.。

Heat treatment

Carburizing heat treatment

(long time treatment to reach sufficient depth)

Gas Nitrogenizing Heat treatment

(long time treatment to reach sufficient depth)

Coating technique

TiN Coating

Diamond Like Coating(DLC)

Remarkable Efficiency

Intelligent Inquiry / Quotation System

Far East Precision Machinery Company elaborately created the intelligent inquiry / quotation system. Process of quotation is digitized. In most cases, our sales representative only spends 1 minute from receiving customer inquiry to oral quotation.
When customer is unable to confirm product specification, our database has digital 2D and 3D drawing for confirmation to minimize error of wrong supply.

Automatic Production Line

Introduction of all series of CNC automatics to greatly increase production efficiency.

Prompt Production Line Management System

We invested heavily in prompt production line management system, so information such as manufacturing progress, process time, and quantity of defective products is transparent. The system greatly assists in enhancing production efficiency.

Delivery Tracking System

Have you ever been in a predicament where you don’t know whereabouts of goods after order placement? No matter which courier is used for delivery, you can immediately know where the goods is through our tracking system.

Supply Chain Management System