Smart Manufacturing

Far East Precision Machinery Corp. has integrated its manufacturing process from raw materials, processing, heat treatment, coating engineering technology to quality control testing into a one-stop production line. In addition, to meet the trend of Industry 4.0, we have spent nearly a decade developing its manufacturing site into an intelligent production system with digitization, adaptability and human-machine collaboration.


Highly Efficient CNC Equipment

Up to 70% of the processing machines in the factory have been converted to CNC computer processing equipment.


Automatic Robotic Arm

The Danish collaborative automatic robotic arm is introduced to assist on-site operators to carry out repetitive processes and greatly improve efficiency.


Graphical Process Management System

No matter whether they are top management, sales, factory affairs, or field supervisors, they can all use a graphical interface on their computer or mobile phone to fully grasp the current production progress according to their respective permissions, and adjust it according to their needs at any time.


1 Machine 1 Tablet

The main processing machines are equipped with a tablet PC, which allows on-site workers to keep track of the current schedule and machining status of the machines they are operating, and to provide feedback to the management system at any time.


Large Moisture-Proof Chamber

To prevent surface rusting caused by air humidity during production line transfer and waiting processes, we have built a large moisture-proof chamber in the factory to provide temporary storage for production line workpieces, and established an interactive humidity monitoring system to keep tabs on and adjust the temperature and humidity conditions.


Supply Chain Management System

By incorporating external suppliers of coating and heat treatment into production line management, it allows for quick response in both production and quality control inspection, just like an in-house manufacturing process.

Sales Service

Far East Precision Machinery Corp. has developed a complete sales package for its sales services in order to respond to customers' needs more quickly and provide them with more accurate quotations and real-time information about their orders.


Intelligent Inquiry and Quotation System

Using big data to create an advanced inquiry and quotation system, we are able to find the product with the required specifications within a short time after receiving customer inquiries. In most cases, our sales only need to spend a few minutes from receiving a customer inquiry to completing an quotation.


Electronic Catalogue and 3D Virtual System

For customers who require further confirmation of details when making inquiries, we have introduced an electronic catalogue and 3D virtual technology in our sales process, allowing them to operate 3D images on mobile devices such as cell phones to confirm product details and minimize the chance of supply errors.


Customer Shipment Tracking System

Customers can be informed of the current delivery status of their goods upon shipment.